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After graduating film school Everette worked as a writer, editor and producer to provide content for well-known music artists and television networks. She began directing professionally with her first music video in 2010. Everette joined  Studio1128 in 2010 to become head writer and film creator shortly after. In order to focus on independent work as well as work apart from media on a daily basis, she plans to pursue work in an ulterior field. 


Proficient in Premiere, Final Cut and Logic, she has directed with RED cinema technology as well as 35mm film and been a film editor for 15 years. She has worked with Rogers Media, MTV, TruTV, XBoX and many talented Artists in the making, to write and produce music and/or script-based content. 

"A change is gonna come" - Ottis Redding


My goal as a writer remains the same as it has always been: to create stories from experiences and vice versa. I now plan to focus on my own projects, one in particular that is my biggest story yet, as well as pursuing work in an entirely different industry. One that is more apart from my computer. One that inspires me and feels right. A skill I have always nourished yet only recently found the nerve to pursue. One which is a bit quieter on the soul.In this way I  look forward to Working again, alongside some amazing people in many different fields,

in an attempt to do something extraordinary.To take this knowledge gained and these stories written and put it all to good use. I am certain the best is yet to come. -Ev


Passions include vocal work, wood working, guitar, adventures by day or moonlight, the thrill of a new scene or song, fires and snow.



Video Portfolio: T. E Roze

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