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Ever after for me was the day the poet Shel Silverstein beguiled me in 3rd grade. Following by example I  spent my childhood mimicking his poetic tales - finding inspiration in experience as I moved across the country with my gypsy mother. through curious rhymes and black-comedy tales I found a voice for the first time. 


On My 13th birthday I was given a video camera, a gift from my entire extended family. With this generous and life-changing gift, they also unknowingly signed up to become stars of the home movies I would make; (Some awesome memories were made during these primitive shoots).  I Used a boom box for my soundtrack and edited in-camera, even making sure to film my own commercials between shows. The desire for creating visuals from the stories I wrote was planted early and the willingness of those around to partake, crafted motivation to continue for the rest of my life.


I began the professional training of my career while working at a production studio in Orlando, FL. Starting as an intern, I worked alongside the chief editor Ian McDaniel, who taught me to edit film like the boss he was. Over the next three years, while I earned my bachelor in film at UCF, I also worked alongside amazing professionals in my field; learning how to write and produce both music and film. 


Upon graduation from film school I won the UCF capstone award and advanced my position at Gen2Media to full-time writer and assistant director, working directly under my mentor, CEO Mary Spio. Following the years post- graduation I focused on creating original media content for industry clients, professional musicians and television personalities. At 24 I certainly felt I was taking all the right steps towards the road to success... 

Then I got greedy. I began to see that as I submerged myself in a career devoted to others dreams, there was less & less time to find my own vision as a writer. I started to question my focus and was overcome with the need to get away, to wanderlust and write both scripts and lyrics.

So I did. 


When I returned home, while on the set of a music video I had written & was directing, I met Kenneth Peter, a music producer who had started his own small recording studio. He insisted that I had what it took to sing my own songs and to create my own content. So after that first meeting, and a few tequila Wednesdays later, I made the switch from working with the stars and having a mentor on a daily basis, to becoming an independent musician and script-writer at KP's newly developed Studio1128. 

"A change is gonna come" - Ottis Redding


In 2019 my goal as a writer shifted a bit. With the desire to back away from writing for clients so that I can focus on finishing both an album as well as the biggest story I've ever conjured, I plan to pursue a career in an entirely different industry. One that is more apart from my computer. One that inspires me and feels right. One a bit quieter on the soul.In this way I  look forward to Working again, alongside some incredibly creative people in many different fields, in an attempt to do something extraordinary.To take this experience gained and these stories evolving and put it all to good use. 

I am certain the best is yet to come...

Perhaps our paths will cross along the way. 

Until then, thank you for taking an interest in this writer and may your ink never run dry.



Video Portfolio: T. E Roze

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