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For the love of plants.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Lately, as part of imperative research for the biggest story of my life: 'Hara land', I've been studying the way plants exist as well as their evolution. Some of the truly fascinating things I discovered were...

Plants were the first organic matter on earth.

Or were they?

A new plant gets its energy from food within the seed. The leaves unfurl, and take in energy from the sun, the day. Finally the seed will flower. It will bloom and live a full life. Then begin to transmigrate back into the soil by letting its leaves fall.

Billions of years ago, meteors fall to Earth and land in the new landscape. Each meteor carries a crystal and in that crystal is h2O. The meteors fall for 20 million years. Every comet brings drops of h2o onto Earth, creating oceans. (Every drop of water currently in existence on Earth today is billions of years old, all from that initial downpour of H2O from comets.) The air is hot and toxic with meteors falling from the sky. Next came great, high winds, hurricanes, lightening, a mega-storm. Whipped up by the planets rapid rotation. The moon is so close to Earth that gravity is overwhelming; creating huge tides. Over time the moon moves away, the planet begins to spin slower. Water calms and land is formed from volcanoes. Meteors release minerals as they dissolve into the oceans. Carbon and primitive protein made up of amino acids transported from space to the ocean.

Life starts in the water. The minerals seep into cracks in the ocean floor through the crust, it is therefore water gas and land, all of the minerals of the planet, get spewed out into liquid chemical from little chimneys formed on the crust in the ocean floor. This causes towers to build, gases seep from crust and mix with the water. This first ocean, created from and containing all of the elements from the meteors, creates a chemical soup on Earth. These chemicals come together to create microorganisms, single-cell microscopic bacteria. The first life.

Then life splits in two. Those that consume organic matter, and those that consume energy from the sun... the first become monsters, the latter... plants.

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